Thinking about visiting more than one place in Spain? Below are some recommended trips if you have some time to discover the country a bit.

The southern region of Andalucia is as Spanish as it gets. It’s my very favorite region. If you fly into Madrid, you can easily get to the south by train (the high speed AVE is marvelous, although pricey). Definitely be sure to go to Cordoba, Sevilla and Granada. The AVE does not go to Granada, but you may want to rent a car from either Cordoba and Sevilla to get there – it’s a beautiful drive through all the olive tree orchards. If you have even more time, you can head farther south to Tarifa, Marbella and Ronda.

Basque Country
Basque Country is a beautiful world of its own and has lots of charming little cities to visit all the way into to France. If you rent a car, you can stay in San Sebastián and take a day trip along the coast to Hondirribia, and into to France to Biarritz and San Juan de Luz. From San Sebastián, you also aren’t far from the Spanish wine country, La Rioja, where you can visit cities such as Elciego, Ezcaray, Laguardia, etc. Also nearby are other big cities such as Vitoria, Bilbao and Santander.

If I were trying to decide on a Spanish road trip, one through Cantabria would surely be on the top of my list. Its rolling green hillsides, charming pueblos, and delicious food make it the perfect destination in my book. To visit Cantabria, I recommend staying in Santander, and then from there taking trips to local pueblos such as San Vicente de la Barquera, Comillas and Santillana del Mar. If you are up for a longer drive, head south about an hour to Bárcena Mayor – the drive alone is worth it as you will pass by some of the most beautiful countryside imaginable. If you happen to have a few extra days, you can combine this trip with one to Basque Country as well!

Costa Brava
If you’re traveling to Barcelona, you may want to head north along the Costa Brava to the region of Girona. I haven’t yet written a travel page about the cities there, but a wonderful place to stay is the pueblo of Begur. You can also take a drive to nearby Pals. Not to mention the city of Girona itself.

Far away and full of delicious seafood and rolling green hillsides,Galicia is truly a road trip in and of itself. Since it’s in the far northwest, you will definitely have to make quite a bit of a drive to get there from elsewhere in Spain, unless you fly there directly. The trip is absolutely worth it though – whether you love seafood, or are just looking to see another tremendously unique side of Spain. I have not yet written travel pages about all of the must see spots in Galica (other than Santiago de Compostela), but you can read more about the remarkable little fishermen pueblos in my blog post about Galicia.

La Rioja
I live for Spanish wine, and so should you! Not only is the wine amazing, but the culture behind it is even more so. And what better way to experience it than a trip through Spain’s most famous wine region – La Rioja?! So far I’ve only written about the town of Elciego in La Rioja, but you can read more about important stops such as Ezcaray, Laguardia, Haro and Logroño in my blog posts about La Rioja.

From Madrid there are a lot of fantastic towns and places to visit. I find the most easy and worthwhile place to get to is the labyrinth-like pueblo of Toledo. It’s about 45 minutes south of Madrid and can be reached most easily by bus from the Mendez Alvaro station (you can get there by metro). The bus will drop you off at the base of old Toledo, so once you arrive, you will need to take another shuttle to the center of town.

Also nearby are the cities of Segovia, Avila and Cuenca. These places are a little bit farther, but reachable by train or bus if you’ve got the time and patience (or better yet, a car). There are lots of other lovely little towns to visit that are more difficult to get to (in other words, you must have a car), such as Patones de Arriba, Chinchon, El Molar, El Olivar, Sigüenza, El Paular, La Granja, Alcalá de Henares, Aranjuez, and so on, but I will include more details about each of those places once I create travel pages. In the mean time, if you have a car and flexibility, just let me know and I can give you more information.