Oh Galicia, how I worship you.  The food, the landscape, the wine, where do I start?  Galicia is located in the northwestern part of Spain.  With the ample supply of rain, and its location so much closer to the more northern countries of Europe – the UK that is – you may not even recognize it as Spain at first.  The landscape is vibrantly green and overflowing with life, while the music you hear will often be filled with bagpipes.  In Galicia they also speak their own language – a hybrid of Spanish and Portuguese called Gallego.  It’s a wonderful world of its own.

As one of Europe’s oldest Kingdoms, it was controlled by the Romans beginning as early as 137 BC, and then by the Visigoths beginning in 584.  From there, British colonies were established, and the Muslims never managed to gain control.  Ultimately, in 784, Alfonso I of Asturias managed to gain control of the region adding it to the Kingdom of Asturias.

Cities to visit in Galicia
Santiago de Compostela