1. Have an aperitivo at the Rincon de Patones
  2. Explore the city and its ruins
  3. Have lunch at El Abuelo de Manolo

This town made of slate is completely unique. It’s awkwardly situated upon the sides of a slate covered hill. When you look at it sitting in its surroudings, it’s almost as if the flakey rock slate mountains just fell into place in this little town. The streets are slate, the buildings are slate….although strangely enough, the rooves are not.

What to see
Patones de Arriba is not large at all, so the best thing you can do there is just get lost in its few streets. Even more fun, is walk out on the hillsides and explore the ruins of the old houses. They are charming and mysterious, and can only make you wonder what kind of bustling town it might have been.

Where to eat
Since the town is so small, there isn’t much to choose from, but that doesn’t mean that the food isn’t delicious! I recommend that you first stop for a quick aperitivo and drink at the Rincon de Patones, right at the entrance of the city. It’s more modern, and a nice way to start your tour of the town. After this, you may want to head up to the top of the hill to make reservations at a restaurant called El Abuelo de Manolo. The food there is great and the views even better! Try to get a reservation by the window for about an hour or so later. During this time you can walk around the pueblo and work up a little hunger. I loved their homemade croquetas, empanada and especially their gorgeous cappuccino!

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