It’s no secret – I love to eat Spanish food. I would be perfectly fine just eating it if I didn’t fear that someday I would live outside of this fine country and therefore be rendered Spanish food-less. With that in mind, I’ve set out on a quest to learn how to make my favorite traditional dishes. Thanks to my mother-in-law and other Spaniards, I present you with my list thus far of mouth-watering Spanish cuisine. Que aproveche!


Purrusalda, meaning salsa de puerro (leek sauce) in Basque, is a Spanish stew originating from Basque Country (duh). Its main ingredient is leek, but many ingredients can be used from other veggies, to meat, to fish. It’s not terribly attractive (particularly in this picture), but it’s tasty, healthy, and super easy to make. Let’s get […]

Pisto Manchego

Given my affinity for manchego cheese, it’s not all that surprising that any dish originating from the fine land of Castilla La Mancha would automatically appeal to me (which reminds me, Mom, be sure to add manchego cheese to your list of things to have in the fridge when I visit the US for the […]

Tortilla Española

Well, it’s about time I write a post dedicated to the Spanish tortilla. If you’ve ever been to Spain, you’ve surely tried la tortilla española (or often called tortilla patata) and know that it bares zero resemblance to its Mexican counterpart – ZERO (ok, they’re both round). While I personally don’t discriminate against any tortilla […]

Huesos de San Expedito

In my effort to practice Spanish and also eat mass quantities of Spanish food, I’ve been spending time with my fiance’s mother learning how to make a lot of delicious Spanish favorites. Yesterday I learned how to make huesos de San Expedito – “huesos” meaning bones (I suppose they are called this because they are […]


Last weekend Jacobo’s mom taught me how to make one of my favorite Spanish tapa indulgences – croquetas. It is admittedly a laborious process, but not particularly difficult to do. The recipe below will yield you quite a few croquetas (probably around 40), but keep in mind that you can freeze them and that the […]


I thought I’d take advantage of my two-week trip to the US to post some of the traditional Spanish recipes that I’ve been accumulating. This latest one comes from Carolina – resident Spanish expert on flan. Hers is the gold standard, and the best flan around as far as I’m concerned! Here’s what you will […]


There are many Spanish dishes that I’ve fallen in love with since living in Spain, so I have a pretty set list of favorites. What I didn’t expect was to be adding this easy-to-make stew to the list, but it so yummy and healthy that it just knocked my socks off. As usual, Jacob’s mom, […]

Pimientos Rellenos

So, you think you know what pimientos rellenos are? If you’ve only tried them in the US, then please forget everything you know about them as the Spanish version is in a league of its own. Growing up in California I’d tried them a million times but never was a big fan, so when I […]


For me, one of the critical components of any culture, particularly Spanish culture, is its cuisine.  You can visit historic places and read age-old tales, but to eat a dish that has been passed down for generations and eaten by the rich and poor both in good times and bad (apparently I haven’t left the […]


Gazpacho in Spain is quite different than the gazpacho we know in the US. In the US it often seems to take on any form of cold tomato-y soup, usually chunky. Where as in Spain, it’s usually not thick at all, so much so that it is often consumed out of a glass, and even […]