July 21, 2008 - Posted by Erin in Travel

So it was off to Mexico for Laura’s wedding in Los Cabos. Jacob flew all the way out so we could both enjoy the trip (both our first time to Mexico – unless you count my visit to Tijauna…hmm, no). We were so excited to experience the culture, the food, and the Spanish language from a completely different perspective.

We arrived there and quickly discovered what humidity can do to heat – oh my gosh, it was intense! The hotel where we were staying, and also where the wedding was, made up for it though as it was right on the beach. We had a stunning view of the entire beach from our room. Jacob and I became fast friends with all of the staff – Jacob bonding over the common language, and me just getting some practice in.

Prior to leaving for Mexico I had spoken to Laura and learned that she would likely need some help rounding up her wedding flowers. Her soon to be sister-in-law, who has a flower shop, had promised the flowers (and their arranging) as a gift….which I quickly learned was not to be. So my original task was to at least takeover for her by finding flowers for her to arrange.

We spent all of Friday, the day before the wedding, going to small local shops, and then even Costco, to find flowers. I was to find the flowers, and Jacob was going to help sweet talk the vendors. While it was a fun way to see the local neighborhoods, the flowers were pretty much unusable – bad selection, poor quality, and just generally nothing I could see working in an arrangement. Given it was the day before the wedding, Laura was of course concerned and very nervous. Fortunately she had ordered some orchids, and green and white roses already, so I at least had a base to work with. I decided that rather than try to hunt for more flowers, I would just use my surroundings to make it happen. At that point, with the original flower designer still MIA, Laura knew that I should just proceed full speed ahead. I was happy to oblige – it was my kind of adventure and challenge.

After a sleepless Friday night of brainstorming, I spent Saturday morning poaching a coral colored bougainvillea from side of the freeway (I was relentless), these incredible orange/pink leaves from the hotel property, and some really cool green seedy things from the palm trees at the hotel as well. The hotel staff didn’t seem to mind….I at least gained the support of one staffer, Ruben, after talking his ear of in Spanish about our precarious situation.

The result was better than I could have ever planned. The bouquets were stunning and went perfectly with the dresses. Not only were the colors amazing together, but the native flowers enhanced the setting just that much more. Even better, Jacob was able to go scuba diving (since I am not certified) while I was working, so he was happy as well.

Saturday night was the wedding on the beach. There were just 30+ of us, which made for an intimate ceremony. Laura was positively glowing, and Phil was beaming as well. Their friend officiated, keeping us all cycling between tears and laughter. It was the perfect ceremony – not too long, not too short, and completely in celebration of Laura and Phil.

The night was capped off with a reception at the hotel, albeit a humid one. The humidity was just out of control! Jacob and I were both eager to get back home to dryer, more reasonable weather.

Jacob headed back to Madrid this morning and I am now home with what seems to be the worst cold ever. Go figure! I now need a vacation from the vacation – thankfully I don’t have to go to work!

More to come soon!