September 29, 2009 - Posted by Erin in Trips to the US

I arrived home just over a week ago with a full schedule on tap. The week was filled to the brim with doctor appointments, friends and family, all finished off with doing flowers for Ben’s sister’s wedding. This was the ultimate flower-arranging gig for me because all the flowers were to come from the Scribner garden – the garden in which I’ve spent many years picking flowers and learning how to just have fun with what I can find growing in the world around me. For this wedding I was able to use their garden as my palette. The main flower would be dahlias – they had erected several dahlia gardens just for the occasion. This meant hundreds upon hundreds of dahlias at my disposal for picking – pinks, reds, oranges, yellows, whites and purples, in all shapes and sizes from teacup to plate sized, daisy-like to pom pom. It was a virtual dahlia wonderland.

I spent all morning Saturday putting together six bouquets – one white with touches of pink for the bride, then five others, each focusing on a different color. I also made sweet little mom’s bouquets in addition to boutonnieres for all the men (little green mums with a touch of Japanese maple leaves – they were darling!).

The flowers were a success and so was the wedding – after a couple of days of pouring your heart and energy into flowers, nothing beats celebrating the reason for which you did it (not to mention getting to see the fruits of your labor in action!).

Sunday rolled around and I was just plain pooped (and perhaps slightly hungover) and every ounce of my being was telling me it didn’t want to get on a plane at 6AM Monday morning. So, I decided that I would stay for another week to just relax and enjoy my time at home without all the running around. So far, it’s been well worth it!

Now if someone in Spain could please just overnight me some jamón and manchego – I am starting to suffer from withdrawals :).