Are you a 20- to 30-something American chica living in Madrid? Join the group I started for Americanas in Madrid.

While many of you are likely just passing through Madrid (and what a shame that is!), some may be making their stay a bit more permanent. For those of you looking for some expat recommendations, below I’ve started a list of some of my favorite decidedly un-Spanish spots and resources. More to come soon!

Hairstylist – Nicole hails from California where she lived in San Francisco and ran her own salon. Now she’s started her own cute little peluquería, Sunset Salon, nestled in the Malasaña barrio of Madrid. Between the coloring and the price, you’ll never want to get your hair done outside of Spain ever again. Seriously.

Dentist – If you’ve ever gone to a dentist in Spain, then you are probably desperately missing your dentist back home (something you never thought possible, I’m sure). My dentist, Dr. Mya Choufani, started her own dental clinic, Clinica Cloe, with her Spanish husband. Both studied at NYU, follow American Dental Association standards, and have the fanciest dental office I’ve ever seen (you can even watch Grey’s Anatomy in English while getting your pearly whites polished!).

Frozen yogurt – When I found out that the first frozen yogurt shop had finally opened in Madrid this last summer, my future in Madrid seemed SO much brighter. Oh! My Good totally hits the American spot with its Pink Berry-like natural flavored fro-yo. The shop is located at C/ Sagasta, 32, near the Alonso Martinez metro stop. Update: Madrid officially has fro-yo fever – other shops have popped up in El Mercado de San Miguel (they have turrón and hot brownie as toppings – díos mío!) and also Juicy Avenue in Alonso Martínez (they sell smoothies and food as well).

Sushi – If you’re like me, then good sushi is even more important than hair and teeth (only slightly troubling, I know). Surviving without my at least weekly dose has been quite difficult. If you’re looking to get the ultimate fix, though, checkout 99 Sushi Bar. It’s by no means cheap, but if you really need to fulfill the craving, the splurge will be worth it.

Flowers – I’m picky about flowers, really picky, (and for good reason – I had my own flower business back in the States), which is kind of a pity in a place like Spain where fake flowers often seem more popular than real ones. During my wedding planning I hunted far and wide for the best florist in Madrid, and I found him! Diego at Kaloto Design. He’s Columbian, a total doll, and does the most incredible flower arrangements this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

American products – If you’ve lived here for very long at all, then you’ve probably heard of Taste of America, the shop where you can get everything from pancake mix to Jiff peanut butter (although admittedly, the recent appearance of PB at Mercadona isn’t too shabby). If you can’t find it anywhere else, Taste of America might just have it (particularly canned pumpkin for Thanksgiving!).