March 6, 2013 - Posted by Erin in Travel, Travels in Asia

I was ready to head out the door, where my mom was waiting in a just-arrived taxi so that we could go to downtown Dubai. Something was missing, though.

I reached in my bag to fumble around for a few key items: Wallet? Got it. Sunglasses? Yep. Camera? Camera?!? Camera!!!!!!!!!

And then panic.

I don’t typically lose things, you see. Wallets, sunglasses, cameras — you name it — I can’t remember the last time I lost something of any value (pardon me while I knock on every piece of wood in sight). But on this particular day, I was coming off of a camel-racing high, and somehow misplaced my camera in the process.

So, naturally, a freak-out session ensued. During minutes that felt like hours, I frantically dumped out my bag, called a contact at the race track, and rung up the taxi company that had dispatched my earlier cab. And nothing. No leads. Just panic.

And then in ran my mom with news. Get this: The lovely Indian taxi driver, who had dropped me off almost 30 minutes earlier, had come back to bring me my camera. Shaken by his generosity, I broke down in tears, and thanked him profusely for his kindness.

The lessons learned here: keep an eye on your stuff, always be nice to cab drivers, and mostly, of course, never doubt how tremendously kind people can be all around the world.

The end.


9 Responses to “The most wonderful awful experience”

  1. Andi of My Beautiful Adventures Says:

    That guy deserves MAJOR karma awards!

  2. Erin Says:

    I know, right? It was a definite lesson karma, too!

  3. Kara of Standby to Somewhere Says:

    Oh my gosh! My heart sank when I was reading this. I am so happy you got your camera back. Best taxi driver ever! Now I want to see those photos of Dubai…

  4. Josh Says:

    Wow you are lucky! I wasn’t so fortunate earlier this year in Croatia. Lost all my pics of Venice and Slovenia 🙁 And that was the second time it had happened! (post Machu Picchu was the first). I was equally devastated on both occasions! Guess I’m just a serial camera loser…

  5. Erin Says:

    Oh no, Josh! I’m so sorry to hear! I clearly just got very, very lucky. I think you’ve definitely paid you’re dues ;).

  6. Pinay Flying High Says:

    I’m glad you had a good experience with the cab drivers here in Dubai. Anything lost, they almost always turn up in their Lost and Found office. Enjoy Dubai! 🙂

  7. Cat of Sunshine and Siestas Says:

    If only that had happened to me with me laptop…and my two phones…and my neautiful new mantoncillo for the Feria.

  8. Michele Says:

    That’s not uncommon in Dubai for valuables to be returned.

    We lived there for 4 years and there were countless stories of taxi drivers returning valuables – sometimes briefcases full of more money than these guys could hope to ever see if they could live 5 lifetimes.

    It’s even more precious that the driver took time out to deliver your camera because that would be an hour where he wasn’t earning any money – and these guys start each day with a daily debt that they first have to pay back to the cab company before they can make money themselves.

    Kudos to the driver – and lucky you!

  9. Egypt Vacations Says:

    Oh!. camera is one of the stuffs that we aren’t forget when it comes to trips. And the taxi driver is so honest. Thanks to him and now you can take pictures. 🙂

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