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I started following the spunky identical trio over at the Traveling Triplets awhile back. Via their blog, they cover everything from their adventures, to favorite recipes and even fashion tips. Recently, Megan made a stop in Barcelona and had the chance to go to a fútbol (err soccer) game. As my latest guest poster, she gives a quick rundown of the highlights. (And because these ladies are just too adorable for words, I’ve embeded their intro video below, as well.)

Hi! This is Megan from Traveling Triplets where my sisters and I blog about traveling and life as an identical triplet. I recently returned from a trip to Europe during which I was able to spend a few days in Barcelona. One of the highlights of our visit was going to a Fútbol Club Barcelona game at Camp Nou!

You can’t go to Barcelona without going to a fútbol game, as Fútbol Club Barcelona has become a symbol of Catalán culture. Barça is more than just a club, they are international champions supported by a huge fan base – both in Catalonia and around the world.

Before going, I got my tickets for only 43 euros here. And almost just as important as the tickets, was learning the chants and picking up a team scarf before the game (not only to support the team, but also because when we went in February it was absolutely freezing!). The only thing better than going to the game? The fact that Barcelona beat Real Sociedad 2-1, and Lionel Messi was even more amazing in real life!

So grab a hot dog for a few euros and experience Barcelona’s passion for fútbol. I recommend getting to the game about an hour early to beat the crowds, because on your way home there is no escape. Have fun!

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4 Responses to “Guest post: Barça fútbol”

  1. miruna Says:

    Barcelona rocks! And so the football team. I would love to go on Camp Nou in the near future.

  2. Megan Says:

    thank you for letting us guest post over here today! have fun on your hike 🙂

  3. Lisa Says:

    wahoo ya megan, love it! go soccer!!

  4. Rob Innis Says:

    Big set back this weekend against RM but watch out Chelsea – Barca will be going for it!

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