August 4, 2011 - Posted by Erin in Spain, Travel, Travels in Spain

Because Tenerife happens to be more than just mojo and bananas, here are some other shots from my recent trip to the popular Spanish Island.

houses in tenerife
San Francisco-style painted house in Santiago del Teide.

Ginormous koi fish at our hotel. (Not really Tenerife-ish, but they’re pretty, so why not?)
banana in tenerife, spain
Me, a banana and some Germans. Sounds about pretty much par for the course on the trip.
cactus in tenerife spain
Creepy cactus.
lapas, limpets or sea snails in tenerife spain
These are lapas, which I just learned are called limpets in English. Do you know what those are????? Well I didn’t either until about 30 seconds ago. They are seawater snails. Excuse me while I go wash my mouth out. Sick, sick, sick. (And no, I didn’t like them.)
oldest tree in tenerife spain
Apparently this tree is at least 1000 years old. The palm tree is trying to give it a run for its money, though.
old women in tenerife spain
Gosh, I wonder why I don’t just love Spanish grandmas. (Shortly after trying to slyly take this picture, one of the grandmas turned and gave me the look of death, sending me scurrying in the other direction.)
pilot whales in tenerife spain
Whale/dolphin watching, we came across these dolphin-like pilot whales. I suppose we got our money’s worth?
landscape of tenerife spain
A rare moment on our trip when the sun peeked through the clouds.
cheap lunch in tenerife spain
Our entire AMAZING lunch in the town of Garachico only came to 18.20€. IN. SANE.

2 Responses to “Tenerife in pictures”

  1. Linda Says:

    LOL! I’m sorry you didn’t like the lapas! Lovely photos and not one beach or sun brolly in sight ….nice! Wish everyone took the time to discover the “real” Tenerife!

  2. Erin Says:

    I truly didn’t realize until I published the blog exactly what lapas were. And being the snail-averse American that I am, I’m of course slightly turned off!

    I desperately tried to escape our tourist-trap hotel, but only with partial success. Hopefully next time you can help me discover more of the authentic side of Tenerife!

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