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javea, spainI’ve got a little secret to share: a little place called Jávea in the province of Alicante. I probably shouldn’t be telling you about this secret, but you’ll just keep it between you and me, right?

Located on the eastern coast of Spain, the beach town of 30,000 people stands out among the hundreds of other coastal pueblos. I can’t quite put my finger on just one thing – perhaps it’s the manicured and well-kept streets, or maybe the attractive quintessentially Spanish homes, or even the white-pebbled beaches. Then of course you can’t avoid falling in love with the rocky hillsides that jet out of the lush vineyard-covered valleys. Somehow, little Jávea blends the classy charm of Northern Spain and the laid-back vibe of the South.

I was hypnotized. And hardly taking any pictures. Guilty as charged.

We stayed at a friend’s sprawling vacation home that hangs on the hillside facing the sea. From there, we watched as sail boats swirled around in the bay. The next day, we were on one of those sailboats, jumping off the back into the salty Mediterranean waters, spying blue- and silver-tinted fish under the sea, and noshing on fried almonds.

It was horrible. Horribly horrible. I wouldn’t recommend it. Forget that I told you about any of this.
beach in javea spain

3 Responses to “Hidden Jávea – shhh, don’t tell”

  1. Andi of My Beautiful Adventures Says:

    I promise that I can keep a secret!

  2. Sam Says:

    I agree-shhh! That region has some beautiful towns–minus Benidorm (a little post my husband did on it: We feel the same way about slightly larger but absolutely charming Denia…and are always torn between gushing about it and not saying a word. Tourists do know about it and it certainly attracts the summer crowds, but when we were there during winter, it still had a much more local feel. And, these little towns are still not on Americans’ radar generally, even though quite popular with English, German and other retirees.

    Here’s a view of what we came to love: Denia also does a smaller scale version of the Valencian Fallas fiesta: (some pics).

    You really captured it…there is just a “feeling” in that area–I always said that everything seemed to have a silver glow. That’s one of the great things about Spain…so many different regions and types of places to enjoy…

  3. Erin Says:

    Ha, yes, Benidorm is the exception! My husband has prohibited it as a possible stop on any given itinerary. I’ve yet to go to Denia, but have heard it has the same charm as Javea. I like Altea too, but find it to be a bit too touristy.

    Here’s hoping that my readers can keep the secret ;).

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