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In reviewing the thousands, yes thousands, of photos we took on our trip to Indochina, I find myself re-pondering and marveling at the infinite uses of the motorbikes in Vietnam. I think I should let the pictures do most of the talking this time around, so to that end, may I share with you below just a glimpse of the endless potential of this peculiar vehicle. I can’t help but imagine all the fanciful things I’d strap onto the back of my bike…jamones, blocks of manchego cheese, maybe some pineapples, bars of chocolate and several bottles of wine. What would you use your Vietnamese motorbike for?

Not a motorbike, but worth honorable mention

The helmetless texter deserved a photo


6 Responses to “Why I kinda want a motorbike”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I’d definitely strap a paella to the back and a case of wine. MMM!

  2. Erin Says:

    AMEN! Since I’m a bit burnt out on rice though after the Asia trip, I might go with a fideua instead. I hear Valencia calling my name!

  3. Sabrina Says:

    Haha! Good one 🙂 You should see how they use them in Egypt: one motorcycle is the family transportation. So, it is very common to see mom, dad, a teen, a toddler, and a baby on one littel motorcycle. Unfortunately, I was always to slow to get my camera out and take the proof-pic… but, it’s true 🙂

  4. Erin Says:

    We actually saw that in Vietnam as well – up to five people on one bike and not a helmet in site! Jacobo did keep on telling me throughout our time there, however, that the crazy roads in Vietnam were nothing in comparison to Egypt. Hard to imagine it possibly being any more chaotic!

  5. Vibeke Says:

    Ah, this brings back great memories! We were told the motorbike frenzy is a result of the financial boom Vietnam has experienced over the past five years. Before that everyone was doing all this crazy stuff on push bikes;-)

  6. Erin Says:

    I believe I read also, in a book called “Bikes of Burden” (a great picture book of all the crazy motorbikes in Vietnam), that it has to do with the lack of infrastructure there and the necessity to get things from point A to point B more efficiently (hence, not with a car that will only get stuck in traffic). Regardless, the motorbikes are fascinating!

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