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It’s seems I’ve neglected my blog a bit – but for good reason. I’ve spent the new year preparing for my Spanish exams and planning the wedding. This meant that weekend trips around Spain were out of the question for a little while. Last weekend, however, we did take the opportunity to enjoy the sunny, but albeit freezing, weather by spending some time in Madrid.

On Saturday we headed down to Puerta del Sol to run some errands, but didn’t pass up the opportunity to scarf down some tapas (croquetas and manchego cheese – because why not?) and then enjoy a sweet at the amazing Mallorquina pasteleria located right in Puerta del Sol. If you are nearby, don’t pass up the opportunity to stop by this shop and enjoy a sweet treat. It’s always filled to the brim with people, pastries and a mouth-watering scent that just teases you to eat everything in site. It’s been around since 1894, so they surely know what they are doing! I secretly want to get a job there, but I suppose that might not be such a good idea right before the wedding.
After a Mexican dinner with friends on Saturday night (oh how I’ve missed a little spiciness in my food), we had yet another get together on Sunday, but much more Spanish in style. It wasn’t just any lunch, but instead over 30 pounds of lamb cooked in the outdoor firepit! It was absolutely amazing! I never cared for meat before living in Spain, but it is just so delicious here that you can help but crave it. I still marvel in the difference between the way Americans and Spaniards “hang out.” In the US, a Sunday afternoon get together would include a sport of some sort, beer and some other simple lunch food. But here, it’s just hours of sitting around a table with friends, traditional food, and lots of wine. Is there any question why I still live here??

Now that I’ve passed my exams, I will be starting again with classes, and also hopefully with some weekend trips here and there. In the coming weeks we will be heading to the province of Valladolid and also, finally, to Santander! More to come soon.


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  1. Tito Says:

    Hi Erin,
    you are perfectly right about the way we “hang out” here in Spain, it’s all about eating and drinking !!!
    Nevertheless, you know we do make some sport some times…. For instance, carrying around 30 pounds of lamb up and down the firepit wasn’t easy at all ! Additionally, all the beers and wine we drunk weighted a tone you know!!!
    Nice blog, we will follow you 😉

  2. Erin Says:

    You’re right Tito, I really ought to do a blog on Spanish fitness and exercise. Perhaps I can interview you for that piece? I’ve heard that you are a top performer at levantamiento de vidrio, jeje.

  3. Tito Says:

    Anytime 😉

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