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I’m finally getting around to writing about the last stop on our puente tour – Medinaceli! The pueblo, located in the province of Soria, was on our drive home, and since Jacob had been before, he knew I’d like it.

Medinaceli, the more modern pueblo, sits at the base of a mountain. But to get to the old Medinaceli, you must traverse your way up yet another narrow, curvy road. This particular day was freezing cold, so the old village of Medinaceli was sitting in the clouds and in the middle of lots of blustery cold winds.

We arrived with the objective of touring the pueblo, from the Roman gate (around 2000 years old) to the castle, but I quickly changed that plan because I was miserable from the cold. Instead we decided to warm up with some lunch. We stopped at the first restaurant that we came across – La Cerámica. Inside were about six tables and a space heater – SOLD!

My main objective for writing this post is not to tell you how darling the town is (which it was), but to relive the heaven that was their setas a la plancha (or grilled mushrooms). If you are ever within driving distance of this place, go there PRONTO and order yourself some setas and some croquetas caseras (homemade). What a treat! Note that the picture above was “post-setas,” thus the happy mood.

On each table they also had advertisements to become a shepherd for a day!! Apparently it only costs 12 euros and you get to run around and chase sheep all day – sign me up! Jacob and I will be returning in the warmer season to make like shepherds and then eat us some mushrooms at La Cerámica. Expect details in a future post!

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  1. Heather GG Says:

    Oh wow!! You’ve been to Medinaceli!! This is my mother-in-law’s family village! They own one of the houses in that very square! No other foreigner I have ever met in Spain knows about Medina. We visit every summer on our way to Asturias (via Logroño to visit more family) and I’ve spent a couple of horrendously cold late autumn weekends there for their Toro Jubilo. I’ve eaten at La Cerámica, but unfortunately setas were not in season. I’m really enjoying your blog. 🙂

  2. Erin Says:

    It’s was such a sweet little pueblo, and man was it ever cold!!! We are actually heading back to Soria in couple of weekends to herd sheep – really! At La Cermanica they had advertisements for herding sheep on each of their tables, so now that the weather has improved, we’ve finally decided to go back. Should be interesting! I can’t believe your suegra has a house that very in the square! Her place must be incredible! It sounds like your summer trips to Spain are full of great stops!

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