April 5, 2009 - Posted by Erin in Culture, Traditions

Not living in the States makes me just that much more eager to celebrate our traditions and share them with people here. So when my mom gave me an Easter egg coloring kit before I left for Spain last time, I was very excited. It only seemed natural to share the experience my friend Heather, who is also from the States. Then I figured that it might be just a bit more fun with kids involved (well, and how would Heather and I hide and find the Easter eggs with just two of us!?).

So today we went over to Jacobo’s sister’s house where a slew of family and neighborhood children would join us. Before we could do so though, we went on a massive hunt trying to find white eggs – in fact when Jacobo called one of the biggest grocery store here asking if they had white versus brown eggs, they actually hung up on him thinking that he was playing a joke. So, two lessons learned – 1) apparently white eggs are not very common here and 2) brown eggs, while not ideal, suffice.

After a nice lunch of a delicious beef stew that Jacobo had made, we began the egg decorating. The kids were of course in heaven, begging for “las inglesas,” or the English women (they were close enough right?), to show them how to decorate the eggs. We decorated 18 eggs….well, we thought it was 18. When we were finishing up with the egg decorating, one of the kids brought Heather and me a couple more eggs. We thought we’d just missed them, so we proceeded to decorate them as we did with the others. So, make that 20 eggs.

Later, we hid all the eggs outside and the kids eagerly went in search of them (unfortunately we didn’t have any baskets, so plastic bags had to suffice). All the kids were proudly showing off their bags of eggs when we noticed that one of the little girls seemed to have a bag full of liquid. Apparently she had a raw egg. We’re not sure exactly how or where she managed to find those two extra raw eggs, but it sure was funny. Smart kids.

We all had such a good time that we’ve already decided that we’ll be doing it again next year….but with more eggs, make that white eggs, and baskets.


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