January 9, 2009 - Posted by Erin in Uncategorized

I woke up this morning at 7AM, it was dark outside like usual. I got ready and hopped in the elevator to head to my car in the garage. I saw I had a missed call from Jacob, so I rang him up to see what the deal was. He then told me that it was snowing outside at his work in downtown Madrid and that I may not be able to drive to work. Sure enough, when I opened up the garage door of our parking structure I saw that the ramp was just starting to get covered in snow.

And it hasn’t stopped since. It’s been snowing like mad here! Massive snow flakes have been falling all day. I would say that we’ve had at least a foot or more of snow. Jacob is fortunately now home safely – the roads are an absolute mess. See it’s not normal for it to snow like this in Madrid. Sure they might have a light snow once every couple of years, but nothing that sticks to the ground for very long. This, on the other hand, is a Tahoe-style winter wonderland. Being from San Francisco and only seeing snow on the rare occasions that I’ve headed to Tahoe or Seattle makes this extra exciting. I’ve been staring out the windows in complete awe all day long. I sense that the Madrileños feel similarly though….the news is covered with people making snowmen, having snowball fights and just plain enjoying the freakish, but fun weather.

Here you can see some of the pics of the snow from our casa: http://gallery.me.com/erin.ridley/100385


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