January 4, 2009 - Posted by Erin in Travels in Spain

Two blogs in two days! I’m on a roll….

Today we went about 45 minutes north of Madrid to a very small town call Rascafria in which there is a quaint little monastery. We arrived a little bit early and had the chance to walk around a bit. It was quite chilly, but in the sun it was so refreshing. We thought the tour of the monastery began at 12:00, but instead we learned that instead that was when the mass began. As a result we decided to attend. It consisted of a lot of singing in Latin, so most of it was over my head (and I guess probably everyone else’s too). It was a nice experience though.

After the mass we went on a small tour of the monastery. It wasn’t very long, so mainly we just passed through the cloisters and were able to see more of the grounds. It was very charming (and very cold!).

Afterward we asked a local woman on the street where best to have lunch, so we took her recommendation and headed to a restaurant called Juanito. There we sat in front of the fireplace and had lunch, which was absolutely delicious and hit the spot. We had manchego cheese and membrillo (if you haven’t enjoyed these two Spanish specialties together, you are really missing something), fresh mushrooms in garlic, and then I had cocido (a Castillian soup that is basically like chicken noodle soup but minus the chicken…Jacob often makes it with garbanzo beans and veggies, which is very traditional as well).

After a small paseo around the town, we hopped back in the car and headed home. I napped the whole way. What a nice way to spend a Sunday!


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