October 27, 2008 - Posted by Erin in Food and wine

Another week gone by here in Madrid – this week was all about recovery from the last couple of weeks which were jam packed with stuff. It was still quite busy though. Each night during the week I had to head off somewhere, which meant a lot of time with my new car and a lot of time getting more used to the crazy driving in Madrid. Thank goodness I have GPS on my BlackBerry, otherwise I would never make it anywhere (and would have quite possibly hit a few things and/or a few people – knock on wood).

Saturday was a busy day full of running errands. I actually managed to find an American hairdresser here that is from San Francisco. I trekked to her salon and managed to get yelled at by some crazy drug addict because my car door was open for about five seconds and apparently in the way of her needed 20 feet of sidewalk space to meander back and forth – good news is that my trusty boyfriend has taught me my fighting words, so I didn’t take the crazy woman’s words without giving her a piece of my mind too. Don’t mess with me!

That aside, the trip to the hairdresser was a nice break as I had a chance to reminisce about home and commiserate about the trials of living in this new city (apparently finding brown sugar has been an obstacle for her too). Oh – and she referred me to American dentist…it’s these little things that get me excited!

Sunday was a beautiful day – probably about 75 degrees, with a San Francisco-like chill in the air. We started our day by going to a cata de quesos – a cheese tasting! Yep, we tasted a whole bunch of cheeses (with wine too!). It was delicious, although I think I may still be full.

After the cheese tasting we decided to head to Retiro Park to enjoy the beautiful weather. There is a lake in the middle of the park with boats for rent – a must-do in Madrid that I’ve somehow never done! So we got ourselves a boat and rowed around on the lake for a bit just enjoying the sun. It was a perfect way to enjoy the day.

Ah yes, and apparently Saturday night was day light savings time here in Spain, but Jacob and I had zero clue until today…thankfully our BlackBerries had updated for us and we were right on schedule all day yesterday and today. I must admit though that I am rather disappointed that I didn’t get to savor that extra hour. Too late now!

I have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me, but more to come on that later. Happy Halloween to everyone!


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