October 21, 2008 - Posted by Erin in Travels in Europe

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit one of the world’s most beautiful cities a second time, in one year! It was so great to return so soon as everything was still so fresh in my mind – I knew what to see, when to see it, and how to get there. This was all especially nice for Jacob who had never been there before.

What was so nice about this trip was that there was no sense of urgency to see things or take things in with the same mental intensity that I did the last time around. Instead I could just relax and enjoy seeing everything for a second time, which is especially valuable in a city like Rome that has so much to take in. The weather was amazing too – I literally had to go buy a dress (I know, don’t you hate that? I had to go shopping) because it was so warm, probably mid 70’s to 80. We stayed at a hotel south of the main city which also allowed me to see a different part of Rome – its tree lined streets were just gorgeous this time of year.

The food this time was insanely delicious! Last time it was good, but no grand departure from Italian food I’ve had before (and honestly, I had still maintained that the best Italian food I’d had was in Japan). This time, however, Jacob and I kept hitting the jackpot in the food department. It was one amazing dish after another – I think my phrase for the weekend was “what did they put in this????!!!!” I never knew soup could be so good. The things they do with mushrooms are just beyond me, all I know is that I’m obsessed.

I also appreciated that Jacob would speak Spanish with everyone in Rome as well. I tried to pull that trick last time and figured that they all just thought I was a stupid American who didn’t understand that Italian was spoken in Italy, not Spanish. But truly, it’s quite hilarious the exchange that goes on – Jacob spoke Spanish, they spoke Italian, and everyone was happy! The languages are similar enough that you can get by speaking only one of them.

I headed back Sunday night by myself while Jacob remained in Rome for his conference. Now I am trying to catch up on some rest after a very long couple of weeks. I think I should be staying in town (and by town, I mean country) for at least a month or so until I head off to Paris for a conference with work. And then I go home!!!!!

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