September 14, 2008 - Posted by Erin in Uncategorized

Today marks the beginning of Fashion Week here in Madrid and this afternoon Jacob and I were lucky enough to see one of the shows. We were able to go because the designer was incorporating the BlackBerry Bold (the new BB model) in some of the looks. It was a unique space for a fashion show as it was not the traditional long catwalk flanked by rows of chairs, but instead a large, theatrical-type room, with tables and large chandeliers. A beautiful space for the event. Plus it was in Retiro Park, and I never mind an opportunity to walk through Retiro (especially in today’s weather – which felt so much like the weather at home!).

The line was fantastic – I would have liked to have worn several of the dresses right off the runway. What also made the show special is that they had two of the Spanish Olympic gold medalist walk the runway. I believe they received golds in rowing…but really, I would have been impressed if it were trampoline (which I secretly want to start training for for the 2012 Olympics!).

The rest of my weekend has been spent relaxing and getting things done since it is the first weekend in a month that I have not been off traveling somewhere. I especially wanted to get mentally prepared for my big return to the work world. I must say, while I am excited to return to work, I sure was getting used to my life of leisure! Not much else from me for now. Until next week….


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