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A week left in San Francisco. A week left of having my own Victorian apartment, painted by me, decorated by me, furnished by me, and wow, really loved by me. A week left of driving my own car, or driving at all for that matter. A week left of doing the job I’ve loved for the last four years. A week left of English. A week left of the Bay Area and all the things I love about it – the food, the people, the weather, the water, the list goes on. A week left of having my friends, family and puppy close by.

This isn’t excruciating at all, is it?

I have to remind myself that I’m about to begin the adventure of a lifetime. Actually, I suppose the adventure has already begun – meeting a random Spaniard in a Madrid bar while on a chance three-day trip to Spain, talking to him for only 15 minutes, barely remembering the guy, and then forming a relationship purely over email and just hoping that he wasn’t a total creep. That first trip to Spain three months after we met was a huge gamble, and surely my biggest adventure to date. And the best gamble that I ever made.

Now I’m taking another gamble, moving my life a continent away to give a shot at love. So cheesy, but I guess these things really do happen in reality.

A week until Madrid. A week until my world won’t revolve around a nine-hour time difference. A week until endless supplies of jamón and tortilla española are at my fingertips. A week until I cram my life into someone else’s small apartment. A week until I get to be with the guy that I love. A week until the real adventure begins!


4 Responses to “A week left, a week until”

  1. Nicole Marie Says:

    Hi! One of my friends sent me your blog and I am so happy they did! I too am from San Francisco and have just moved to Barcelona for a few months to learn Spanish!

  2. Erin Says:

    Thanks, Nicole! You’re in for quite an adventure! Have an amazing six months, and give me a shout if you’re ever in Madrid!

  3. Beverly Franklin-Atkinson Says:

    I’m so glad to have stumbled upon your blog. I met my husband in Madrid 21 years ago responding to a room for rent ad during my studies abroad. We live in San Diego and just returned for the first time in 18 years. We went to visit our old piso on General Peron to find our old portero still there keeping vigil. Ahhhhh, home. How lucky you are. We are still in love with the city, all our wonderful friends and look for a way to return. Congrats on your new life stage. What a wonderful way to experience Madrid – as a mother.


  4. Erin Says:

    Thank you so much for your message, Bev! I can’t believe you came back to still find your old portero after all this time….but then again, this is Madrid, and while many things change, many things don’t :). Congrats at 21 years of marriage — I hope that my husband and I will a similar story to tell a couple of decades from now (baby and all).

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